Welcome to Beat It

Hello and welcome to Beat-It. A brand new subscription based website for all kinds of banging Trance

My name’s Sam Jones and I have been producing for the last 10 years. Everything from Tech-Trance, Psy-Trance, Hard Trance, Uplifting and even some Techno influenced stuff as well. My style is mainly focused on hard hitting bass lines that are decorated by moody riffs and fine tuned story telling FX. I started this business because when I began producing, having fresh samples and sounds were essential for sparking that inspiration to get your feet off the ground, but a lot of these sample packs can cost a small fortune and some times that could involve waiting/saving up and then when you get the pack you only ended up using about 20/30% of it anyways…. So I thought about planning up a way for people to get my samples without having to have a big price tag on it, the only answer for that of course is a tier based subscription so that you can pick and choose exactly what samples you need as and when you need them. No bulks, no uncertainty and only a fraction of the price of any sample pack. A few years ago I wasn’t fully invested in making my own sounds and doing much synthesis. I used to use a lot of samples and effect them to make them my own. But one day I got tired of using the same Trance presets for sylenth, serum etc and started to design my own sounds more often, over time I grew more and more confident in making my own presets. Those presets then became samples and so on..

I create new sounds every day at this point so I thought “I need to create an outlet for all of my samples and presets for new producers to get inspired with, but it has to be affordable for everyone”. Enter ‘Beat-It’…. But I didn’t want to stop there, I also wanted people to learn how they could actually make these sounds with in depth tutorials from me. The samples and presets are there ready and waiting for any subscribers to use in their own productions, but they also represent a finish line demonstration from what they could achieve by learning from my tutorials. I’ll be covering all corners of my mind with these videos. Everything I’ve learnt from 0-100%.