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- - 0:07 3 Download
Beat-It Lead – Mau5y


- - 0:14 3 Download
Beat It – Vocal Atmosphere – 0016

Vocal Atmospheres

140 G# 0:14 1 Download
Beat It – Vocal Atmosphere – 0017

Vocal Atmospheres

140 F 0:09 1 Download
Beat It – Vocal Atmosphere – 0020

Vocal Atmospheres

140 E 0:14 1 Download
Beat It – Hard Kick – 0035

Hard Kicks

150 F 0:06 1 Download
Beat It – Hard Kick – 0031

Hard Kicks

150 F 0:06 1 Download
Beat It – Hard Lead – 0013

Hard Leads

150 G# 0:06 1 Download
Beat It – Hard Lead – 0017

Hard Leads

150 G# 0:06 1 Download

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Artists Who Rate Our Sounds

Bryan Kearney

"Sam Jones has led the way with his innate, unique technical ability to stand out from the rest with his tunes. He has been a mainstay on the Kearnage label for almost 10 years, and I highly encourage any budding producer to sign up to this site as it can only be beneficial for their future studio projects."

John Askew

"Sam Jones is a phenomenal producer whose music always blows me away. He’s consistently raised the bar over and over again so if this sample, tutorial, presets etc subscription offers you guys even a fraction of those abilities - it’ll be worth it. "

Simon Patterson

"Sam’s sound is as unique as it gets. Driving, fat but clean and super tight. The amount of detail is insane. You can tell he’s spent hours on one particular sound. The best at what he does by a mile."

Will Atkinson

"Sam continues to blow my mind on a daily basis. The sounds he uses, the processing and placement in each mix - it honestly makes want to sack it all off and become a plasterer. This guy aint human. He doesn’t push the boundaries. He puts them in a blunt and fucking smokes them."

Alex Di Stefano

"Sam's sound is highly addictive, essential for all of my sets! Unique sound!"

Alex Kidd

"The sounds on the site are really unique and fresh and I expect that the best is yet to come! "

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